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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based application designed to help your salespeople sell smarter and faster by centralizing customer information, logging their interactions with your company, and automating many of the tasks salespeople do every day. This means they’ll spend less time on administration and more time closing deals. For sales managers, Sales Cloud gives real-time visibility into their team’s activities, so forecasting sales with confidence is easy. Best of all, Sales Cloud is easy to use and customizable to the way your salespeople work.
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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management CRM platform for customer service and support.
Service Cloud enables users to automate service processes, streamline workflows and find key articles, topics, and experts to support customer service agents. The purpose is to promote one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer across multiple channels and devices.
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Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation solution. If you’re a business who sells to other businesses (or B2B), Pardot can automate your marketing activities and unite your marketing and sales departments so that they can work better together.

As a marketer or program administrator, you’re likely working on a variety of projects. Pardot gives you a central location to manage your projects and report on their success. Not only that, but it tracks prospects as they interact with your company across all your marketing channels so you can tailor your outreach. And Pardot is customizable, so you can adjust it to fit your company’s needs!

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Salesforce CPQ

CPQ Stands for configure, price, and quote. Salesforce CPQ is a quoting tool that enables companies to provide an accurate and precise quote with an accurate pricing structure within any product configuration scenario.

One of the many features of salesforce CPQ is the Product Bundles, it promotes cross-selling opportunities and ensures the correct products are sold together. CPQ ensures accurate pricing which means Sales Reps can focus on selling and be assured quotes are accurate. Discount approval processes allow the organisation to protect its bottom line by keeping discounts in-check.

Adding CPQ to your existing CRM results in increased efficiency by closing a gap between Sales, Operations, regional heads, and Finance. After a quote has been accepted, an order can be placed to fulfill the sale and thus generating a contract.

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